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All-In-One Everywhere Mini Balm

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Cocoa Butter
Cocoa Butter
Cocoa Butter

All-In-One Everywhere Mini Balm

What do you get when you combine 100% pure and natural Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil? A super rich, super thick, superstar formula that is the ultimate beauty-on-the-go essential.

The handy, "take everywhere" size tube fits easily in your handbag, and the nourishing formula works perfectly as a lip balm and gloss, to soften cuticles and to hydrate any dry spots.

It's free from artificial fragrance, yet smells absolutely delicious. Like rich dark chocolate!

RRP $5.99 (30g)

Active Ingredients

Cocoa Butter - Ethically & sustainably sourced by Palmer’s from cacao plantations in West Africa, Cocoa Butter is a rich natural source of vitamins, flavonoids, antioxidants and polyphenols. The unique Cocoa Mass Polyphenols fight free radicals and help skin perform at its beautiful best. It moisturises by bonding with the natural oils in your skin, nourishing deeply and without irritation. Cocoa Butter is also naturally rich in Vitamin E, a powerhouse vitamin for optimal skin health, leaving it radiant and beautiful.

Vitamin E - An antioxidant superhero, Vitamin E is skin’s number one friend, smoothing scars and protecting skin from damaging free radicals. Enhances the protective function of skin and decreases the appearance of lines, wrinkles and scars by keeping cells hydrated.

Coconut Oil - Rich in lauric acid, caprylic acid, capric acid, proteins and vitamin E. Lauric acid is highly prized for its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties while caprylic acid is a natural anti-fungal agent. These fatty acids create a micro-thin barrier, locking in moisture for longer, while naturally occuring proteins and Vitamin E aid in boosting skin renewal and regeneration.

Shea Butter - Sourced from the Karite tree, originating in the African Savannah. Africans have used Shea Butter for thousands of years as a natural cure and to protect the skin from sun, wind, heat and saltwater. Shea Butter is also known to have many natural skin protection & repair properties, including :

  • A natural sunscreen.
  • Assists cell regeneration.
  • Helps skin repair the signs of ageing.
  • Helps keep skin supple and soft.
  • Enriched with vitamins to promote healthy skin.

Jojoba Oil – A rich source of essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants, jojoba oil stimulates collagen production, can help improve skin’s barrier function and can help strengthen skin’s defence against UV exposure.

Tips & Tricks

Use a tiny dab to tame unruly eyebrows, then comb through with a spoolie for perfectly groomed arches.

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