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Pregnancy - Out of the mind and into the body. Move and breathe.

By Marja Jacobsen

  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • Senior Yoga Teacher
  • Clarity Breathwork Practitioner
  • @marjajacobsenyoga


As all Mumma’s or Soon To Be Mumma’s know our bodies leading up to, during and postpartum are our temples, not only for us but for our little ones too. There is an innate rhythm we go through that connects us deeper to our bodies, our babies and our health.

Regardless of the differences we all have as unique individuals, when it comes to pregnancy, its well known across the board that all Mumma’s need to make sure they are looking after not only their bodies, but their mental state and well being.

Yoga is one of the most common forms of ‘exercise’ that most doctors, midwives, doulas and any other birth professional will recommend as it takes care of all 3 parts - body, mind and spirit.

Sharing our wisdom from woman to woman, mother to daughter, friend to friend is a huge part of motherhood and being a woman.


As a new mum, a senior yoga teacher, a breathwork facilitator and an energetic body worker, I see time and time again that Yoga is one of the most effective tools during and post pregnancy to help Mumma’s build not only physical but mental strength & give us the tools we need to tap into the intuitive part of ourselves that is above all else the main source of what guides us into motherhood.

There is so much fear-based advice around pregnancy, I actually found it quite overwhelming and time-consuming how much there is to read on the internet and how different everyone’s views are. So I am very mindful with what I advise women is safe and unsafe to experience during their own unique pregnancy.

So, based on my 350hrs of study, 3000+hrs & 7+ years of teaching and my own regular practice during my recent pregnancy, here is how I looked after myself during pregnancy


Two important things to remember above everything else.

We invite in opening around the hip & pelvis area, strength to our legs, space upwards from our diaphragm & encourage downward energy in the body.
All women are different and the most important thing do is to follow your intuition and listen to your body, and thus your baby.

For the women that have super busy minds and struggle to connect with their intuition I say this “imagine you have 9 eggs in your belly and you don’t want to cook them, crunch them or crack them’.


Which translates to:

Not over heating your body

No deep twists

No forward folds

No lying on your belly

No core crunches

No inversions


Which means you can enjoy:


Breathing practices

Gentle back bends (after first trimester)

Stabilised core

Side stretches and all other poses that encourage length to your spine, strengthening your legs and opening your hips.


Now it’s time to breathe. Deeply and mindfully.

When most of us think of Yoga we normally see someone standing on one leg. But did you know that in Yoga one of the other important key tools we teach is conscious connected breathing?

As I mentioned earlier one of the key points to undergoing any type of practice while you’re pregnant is listening to your body. Well, what if I told you that to get out of your head and into your intuitive body - especially for most of us who have overactive minds. You need to shift stagnant energy in your body caused by stress, and that the best way to do that was to combine a Yoga practice and deep conscious connected breathing.

The physical movement shakes your body to loosen any trapped energy, then the breath is what transports it out. What we are left with is a body - our temple - clean and clear. And what happens when our body is clean and clear? We can hear it when it talks to us, and what’s inside our bodies? Our babies.

So for those of you Mumma’s or soon to be Mumma’s out there, from a holistic point of view if you look after yourself - and I mean dropping out of your busy, over cluttered mind and into your intuitive body; and listening, feeling, moving and living from that space - you are looking after your baby.


What about postpartum? Well from my experience it can again be explained in very simple terms.


You’ll find my view on, experience with and advice during your postpartum days in my Yoga With Marja blog here.


Palmer’s Mother Care Range aligns perfectly with my holistic lifestyle and beliefs. I used and loved Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Mother Care Range throughout my pregnancy and postpartum that helped reduce any stress I had around stretch marks.

To be able to share my love of Yoga, Breathwork & being a Mum has been a real feel-good experience, one where I get to pass on what I’ve learned to other Mumma’s or Soon To Be Mumma’s out there.

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