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Palmer’s pledge to care for women’s bodies, inside and out.

Jodi Lee was a beautiful, brave mother of two young children and it is her story that has inspired Palmer’s to get behind national bowel cancer prevention charity The Jodi Lee Foundation.

Jodi was fit and healthy with no symptoms of illness, until one day she experienced abdominal pain, constipation and bloating. She sought medical help immediately, but was devastated to find out she had stage IV bowel cancer, and it had spread to her lymph and liver.

Jodi and her husband Nick were then faced with the unspeakable task of telling their two young children, Jack and Arabella, that their mum was going to die.

Jodi fought with incredible bravery and dignity for two years, but lost her battle in January 2010. She was just 41. The saddest part of all is Jodi’s story could have been different had her cancer been detected early.

With that simple fact as the driving force, The Jodi Lee Foundation was established in honour of Jodi, with the sole purpose of saving lives through increasing awareness and encouraging the early detection of bowel cancer. 

Bowel cancer is more common than most people realise. It claims a life every two hours and more than 14,000 Australians are diagnosed with the disease each year. The good news is, if detected early, up to 90 per cent of bowel cancers can be successfully treated.

Palmer’s believes in caring for the whole body – both inside and out. We’ve partnered with the Foundation to help spread the message about the importance of early detection through regular bowel screening and to encourage people to be proactive about their health to reduce their risk.

Our support will help The Jodi Lee Foundation in its mission to eliminate bowel cancer through a range of Australia-wide initiatives including its Corporate Bowel Screening Program, #iknowsome1 campaign with the AFL, Little Black Dress Classic and Know Your Risk website.

We invite you to discover more about Jodi's story, bowel cancer and the Foundation and get involved in this great cause! 

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