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The Nature of Georgia Love - Taking Time Out

Palmer’s have worked collaboratively with Georgia to tell the story of “The Nature of Georgia Love”. Together, we aim to empower women to learn from life’s experiences and encourage them to stay true to themselves, remembering that these mistakes and the lessons learned are all part of the nature of you.


Life often throws obstacles in our way that challenge our strength and resilience. This is no truer for Georgia, who endured one of the most difficult periods of her life after signing up to be The Bachelorette. Her experience on the show gifted her one of her greatest joys – her relationship with Lee – but came at a time when she was experiencing incredible upheaval in other areas of her life.


She had quit her job and moved from Tasmania to be on the show, but most heart wrenching of all was the loss of her Mum to cancer. After a 6-month battle with the illness, Georgia’s beloved Mum passed away the day after the finale of The Bachelorette.


With so much happening in her life – media commitments for the show, the public interest and scrutiny of herself and Lee, navigating a brand-new relationship – Georgia found little time to grieve and the stress took its toll on her wellbeing.


Looking back Georgia realises the importance of looking after oneself during tough times. Having down time, “me time”, and leaning on the support of those around you is critical during times of loss, grief and stress. She now places immense value and importance on her own emotional wellbeing, because if she is not feeling her best any relationships, work or other commitments will fall behind.


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