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The Nature of Georgia Love - Lessons From Heartbreak

Palmer’s have worked collaboratively with Georgia to tell the story of “The Nature of Georgia Love”. Together, we aim to empower women to learn from life’s experiences and encourage them to stay true to themselves, remembering that these mistakes and the lessons learned are all part of the nature of you.


Navigating romantic relationships is challenging enough, but add in the pressure of career opportunities, travel and other big life events and sometimes it all becomes too much. Georgia talks us through her experience when a job opportunity in Tasmania meant moving whilst her partner remained in Melbourne.


Georgia and her partner worked hard to maintain their relationship long-distance by ensuring their valuable time together was focused on one another. But the time apart was too much for the relationship to bear, and Georgia realised that it’s the small, quiet moments together just “living life” that build the depth and richness of a fulfilling relationship.


What she learned from this heartbreak now informs her relationship with Lee. Georgia and Lee support and encourage each other to chase their dreams and the incredible opportunities they are afforded, but always consider one another and talk things through to make the decision that is best for both of them and their relationship.


Click here to watch the full video, as well as the rest of the videos in "The Nature of Georgia Love" series.

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