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The Nature of Georgia Love - The Hair Fiasco

Palmer’s have worked collaboratively with Georgia to tell the story of “The Nature of Georgia Love”. Together, we aim to empower women to learn from life’s experiences and encourage them to stay true to themselves, remembering that these mistakes and the lessons learned are all part of the nature of you.

Hands up if you’ve ever experienced a “beauty fail” at some point in your life. A fake-tan disaster, a haircut gone wrong, or even just some regrettable make-up choices (blue eye-shadow anyone??)

A hair-dye mishap is all too common, and Palmer’s Brand Ambassador Georgia Love talks us through her own experience in the video below. At age 14, attempting to cheekily dye her own hair behind her Mum’s back, things took a turn for the worse for Georgia. What should have been a rich mulberry that would wash out after a few weeks, turned out bright red and seemingly immune to any attempts to fade the colour with repeated shampooing! Georgia had to sheepishly return home and confess all to her Mum, who had to march Georgia to a hairdresser to have it permanently dyed over. And the only colour that would cover the red was nearly black!

Georgia reflects on this experience with a lot of humour, but also finds some lessons learned from it. One, always trust your Mum, or at least don’t try to get away with something behind her back because she’ll always find out! And that dying your hair is risky business if you don’t know what you’re doing – being 14 and probably not reading the instructions thoroughly was a recipe for disaster. But at the same time, experimentation is part of being a teenager and sometimes we have to go through those experiences to realise what’s most important. Which for Georgia is that after spending many years since trying to regain her healthy, natural hair colour and condition, she’s come to realise that the skin you’re in is a gift that should be celebrated and loved, and that you don’t need to change anything to be beautiful.


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