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The Nature of Georgia Love - Dating Dramas

Palmer’s have worked collaboratively with Georgia to tell the story of “The Nature of Georgia Love”. Together, we aim to empower women to learn from life’s experiences and encourage them to stay true to themselves, remembering that these mistakes and the lessons learned are all part of the nature of you.


If we don’t have our own hilarious “Bad Date” story we know someone who does! Awkward conversations, bad jokes or just a general mis-match of personalities are all part and parcel of dating in our modern world.


Georgia’s shares her own dating drama, where pressure to go on a date with a friend’s housemate didn’t go as planned and made for a pretty awkward evening! After leaving her waiting, Georgia’s date proceeded to judge her for having a second glass of wine, dominated the conversation talking about himself, and worst of all - polished off her plate of saganaki! You do not mess with a woman and her delicious fried cheese!


And as if that wasn’t enough, after enduring the dodgy date and declining a second, Georgia couldn’t visit her friend’s house for fear of bumping into the guy!


It makes for an entertaining story now, but most importantly Georgia learned something important from the experience. That is, trust your instincts when it comes to who you want to date or spend time with. Georgia felt that she and the guy weren’t right for one another, and the disaster date confirmed it. Lesson learned – stay true to yourself!


Click here to watch the full video, as well as the rest of the videos in "The Nature of Georgia Love" series.

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