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The Nature of Georgia Love - Be Happy Not Hangry

Palmer’s have worked collaboratively with Georgia to tell the story of “The Nature of Georgia Love”. Together, we aim to empower women to learn from life’s experiences and encourage them to stay true to themselves, remembering that these mistakes and the lessons learned are all part of the nature of you.


We all naturally want to look our best for a big event, but to what lengths will we go to prepare? Georgia takes us through the time a friend convinced her to try a juice cleanse ahead of a big event, where instead of feeling her best she was left tired & hangry!


Swapping all her meals for fresh juices sounded great in theory, but the reality was far less glamorous. Whilst those around her were tucking in to their lunches and dinners, Georgia felt rather antisocial drinking her juice alone, lest she be tempted by the real food all around her. And to add further insult after enduring three days of feeling cold, tired and hangry, once Georgia ate her first real meal at the event any extra svelte-ness she’d gained from her liquid diet was lost!


Georgia realised after this experience is that it’s natural to want to look and feel your best for a special event, but that this is better achieved by nourishing and caring for your body rather than subjecting it to dramatic fads. Now Georgia’s party-prep is focused on feeling happy in her skin, and this confidence gives her a radiance and glow that no diet or quick-fix ever could.

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