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It's all about the double cleanse.

Simply put : Cleanse, twice over.

Yes, once will wash off the day's impurities and makeup, the second will totally clean your skin. You see, skin cells repair and regenerate overnight while your body is resting. But that becomes a difficult task if it’s still swimming in makeup and daily dirt.

This latest skin care phenomenon originated in Asia. The idea is to cleanse first with a gentle oil based cleanser to remove make up, then follow with a cream cleanser to help remove any impurities that may have been left behind. 

Look out for our Ultra Gentle Facial Cleansing Oil to remove your makeup and our Calming Cream Cleanser for the second wash. Both contain natural ingredients, are free from parabens, sulphates and any other nasties and are formulated to cleanse and hydrate rather than dry out your skin. 

The result: clean, fresh hydrated skin that naturally replenishes overnight.

The simplest and perhaps most effective skincare tip of all time…. We think so ….

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