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The Incredible Product with 101 Uses

It’s the cult-beauty classic that has soothed millions of rough spots. The OG. The original & the best. The product that started it all.

It’s one little pot that packs a big punch.

It’s the multipurpose multitasker that has a list of uses as long as your arm… 101 in fact (and still counting!)

Skin softener. Hand helper. Hair smoother & lip glosser. It’s a body balm, a fly-away tamer, a sore muscle reliever, a skin highlighter, a make-up remover and a boo-boo soother.

It’s a little jar of Cocoa Butter Magic and a must-have in any beauty collection.


Check out the full list below. For further information, videos and where to buy info visit our Cocoa Butter Jar 101 page HERE.


101 Incredible Uses

1. Daily lip balm

2. Relieves cracked lips

3. Soothes skin after sun exposure

4. Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks

5. Helps reduce the appearance of scars

6. Removes residue after waxing

7. Soothes eczema

8. Calms itchy skin

9. Removes makeup

10. Removes residue from false eyelashes

11. Removes residue from adhesives

12. Improves skin elasticity

13. Fills in cracked lip for smooth lipstick application

14. Primes eyelids for smooth eyeshadow application

15. Smoothes eyebrows

16. Smoothes edges

17. Smoothes fly-aways

18. Smoothes frizz

19. Hydrates split ends

20. Soothes chapped nose

21. Apply to feet under socks before bed for overnight foot mask

22. Apply to hands under gloves before bed for overnight hand mask

23. Softens cuticles

24. Substiute for shaving cream

25. Use as a highlighter (to make skin shiny/glowy)

26. Daily body moisturizer

27. Softens rough patches

28. Smoothes bumpy skin

29. Softens rough, dry elbows and knees.

30. Seals paper cuts on fingertips

31. Daily hand moisturizer

32. Soothes skin after shaving

33. Helps even skin tone

34. Smoothes cracked heels

35. Softens calluses on feet

36. Softens calluses on hands

37. Helps improves the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

38. Helps reduce the appearance of sun damage

39. Conditions and adds shine to leather goods

40. Protects from water damage on leather goods

41.  Massage oil

42. Apply around hairline before dying hair to prevent skin staining

43. Mix with powder eyeshadow for cream powder effect

44. Protects skin from wind burn

45. Soothes wind burned skin

46. Helps prevent chafing during exercise

47. Soothes chafing

48. Calms itching from bug bites

49. Heals skin after new tattoo

50. Helps protect tattoos

51. Conditions and softens pets' paws

52. Create lip exfoliator by mixing with sugar and scrubbing lips with toothbrush

53. Combine with lipstick to create cream blush

54. Apply to ear lobes to make it easier to put in earrings

55. Apply to scalp to protect from chemical straightening

56. Apply to scalp to protect from chemicals in a perm

57. Apply to the neck of nail polish bottle or jar to keep lid from getting stuck

58. Keeps door hinges and drawers from squeaking

59. Keeps doors and drawers from getting stuck

60. Apply to a key to help it slide in an old lock (like WD-40)

61. Mix with honey and egg white to make an anti-aging face mask

62. Mix with aloe vera and milk to make a glowing skin face mask

63. Mix with sugar or sea salt to make body exfoliator

64. Helps remove shoe scuffs

65. Apply to scalp before shampooing to make hair shiny

66. Apply on top of polished nails to make them shiny

67. Apply to teeth to stop lipstick from getting on them

68. Smooth over body daily to prevent spray tan from becoming streaky/flakey.

69. Helps get a stuck ring off fingers

70. Keeps eyebrows soft

71. Keeps eyelashes soft

72. Protects minor cuts

73. Helps protects skin while playing sports

74. Helps keep sun tan from fading

75. Soothes dermatitis

76. Add to a foot soak for dry feet

77. Soothes skin irritation

78. Locks moisture in skin

79. Helps prevent blisters for runners

80. Helps improve suppleness of skin

81. Helps keep skin moisturized for 48 hours

82. Helps improve skin texture

83. Helps improve skin tone

84. Mix with foundation for ligher coverage

85. Mix with powder drink for lip or cheek stain

86. Removes chewing gum from hair

87.  Daily face moisturizer

88.  Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots

89.  Apply to blemishes

90.  In-shower moisturizer

91.  Mositurizes sensitive skin

92.  Re-hydrates skin after manicure

93.  Use as perfume/body scent

94. Apply to zipper for smooth sliding

95.  Moisturizes after exfoliating body

96.  Re-hydrates skin after swimming/chlorine

97.  Soothes diaper rash

98.  Apply to knees, elbows and other rough areas before applying self-tanner

99.  Use as a hair conditioner

100. Soothes chaffing under bust area

101. Helps protect your baby’s skin


Check out the full list below. For further information, videos and where to buy info visit our Cocoa Butter Jar 101 page HERE.

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