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Hypnobirthing & Pregnancy

By Justine Zampogna




I don’t think there is anything more miraculous, than that of growing our very own baby and welcoming them into this world - what an absolute blessing!

However, pregnancy, birth & motherhood have their challenges and at times can feel so lonely, scary, unknown and extremely overwhelming.

For me personally, I feared birth so much with my first son, to the point that it was consuming me. However, I am so grateful for that experience now as it put me on the most beautiful journey of hypnobirthing. And I soon learnt that hypnobirthing would not only help me have the most beautiful, transformational and empowering birth it would also help me remain positive throughout my pregnancy and also those really tough Mum days.

So today I would love to personally share with you my top 3 hypnobirthing tools that I find help me.


BREATHING: Breathing is everything! When everything around me feels overwhelming I let this be the only thing I do. I simply STOP and breathe, deeply and slowly. This instantly calms me down both mentally as well as physically. It brings me back to being in the present moment and reduces all of those nasty stress hormones that are produced from rapid breathing.

Do a deep inhalation
Hold it for a couple of seconds
Then do a deep exhalation
Continue for a couple of minutes as many times a day as you need.


POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS & PRACTICING GRATITUDE: It may sound cheesy I know but I believe the power of positive thinking and practicing gratitude is everything! It is so easy to get caught up in our negative self-talk. Repeating positive statements over and over is combatting those old thought patterns with new positive ones and this is how I choose to start my day!

I find them extremely effective when you keep them very personal to what it is that you may be fearing or feeling negative towards. For example, you may choose to use specific positive affirmations to boost your self-esteem or in general create positive change in your life. “I radiate love and inspire people”, “I love and accept myself for who I am” etc.


SURRENDERING: This has to be by far my favourite! I know it sounds a lot easier said than done, but as humans we love to control everything and let me tell you birth and motherhood is one thing that we can’t! When it comes to birth we simply need to let go and just trust the process, trust our body and what it is designed to do.

When it comes to motherhood we need to be kind to ourselves and on those hard days we need to be okay (and simply surrender) with making no plans, staying in our pyjamas all day long, asking for help and ordering take away that night. And I feel as though its as soon as we accept this and are okay with just letting go that it makes all of the difference.

You’ve got this mama… and remember on those harder days you are never alone on this journey!


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