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How Pro Surfer Ellie Brooks looks after her health and wellbeing naturally.

Introducing Palmer's Brand Partner, Australian Pro Surfer Ellie Brooks! Ellie travels the world surfing at some of the most beautiful beaches, and all that time in the sun and saltwater takes its toll on her skin. Read below for more about Ellie (in her own words!) as well as how she keeps her skin and hair in tip-top shape with Palmer's.


Hey there!! My name is Ellie Brooks, 21 and I’m a professional surfer currently competing internationally on the WSL qualifying series aspiring to one day make the professional world tour. Whilst this is my ultimate goal and dream career, I haven’t put all my eggs in one basket -  I’m studying business management / marketing at Southern Cross university part time!


In between all that I have a huge passion for health and fitness, which is great because training plays a huge role in my sport. I usually can’t sit still for too long, so my partner Harry and I usually find something active to do when there aren’t any waves. I love travelling and experiencing new things, practising pilates, cooking raw treats and anything that involves drinking coffee! Haha!!

Ellie Brooks applying Palmer's Firming Lotion

Recently I hosted a surf / Pilates health camp for young girls. I loved encouraging these incredible girls to feel confident in themselves and to just have fun, to not take life so seriously.


I have worked with a few companies over there years but one that has stood out to me is Palmer’s. I am so excited to be aligned with them. I have used their products for a while now and am completely hooked. Their ingredients are ethically sourced and they create the most luxurious skincare at extremely affordable prices which is something that is so rare to find these days.


As a surfer I train in the gym A LOT which often leads to inflammation and fluid retention, but since using Palmer’s Coconut Oil Anti-Oxidant Firming Lotion I have noticed a huge difference.

Ellie Brooks holding Palmer's Firming Lotion

I am constantly in the sun, so ensuring my skin is well looked after is crucial. I naturally have dry skin so post surf I head home take my sunscreen / zinc off, cleanse then lather my face with the Skin Perfecting Ultra Hydrating Serum! It is one of the only serums that works for my skin!! I have olive skin, so I find it to be more prone to sensitivity from the sun. This serum has reduced my keloid scars, uneven skin tone and smoothed out any little blemishes! I highly recommend!!


On top of skin care I place a huge importance on food. I stick to a plant-based diet, occasionally adding in some fish or chicken and I try to add in greens wherever possible (so basically every meal haha). As professional surfing is my “job” all these little things are so important for me and my overall health. Happy on the inside leads to happiness on the outside as cheesy as that may sound!!


I’m so grateful to have found Palmer’s!! Ladies (and gents) get on to it!!


El, xx


Check out Ellie on Instagram via @elliejbrooksss

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