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At Home Salon Treatments.

As we all eagerly await the easing of isolation and social distancing restrictions, we must not forget the importance of self care. Luckily – we can improvise in the interim! Below we have some simple, natural ‘do-it-yourself’ remedies which will be our saviours as we survive without our beloved beauticians and salons.

Recreate the magic of a salon experience at home to condition your cuticles, fight frizz, and boost your complexion, and ultimately, restore your sense of self:

Recreate Your Favourite Facial

Hydrating Facial

  • Cleanse skin and remove impurities or make-up with your Facial Cleansing Oil (RRP: $14.99)
  • Follow by applying the Coconut Hydrating Sheet Mask (RRP: $4.99). Relax and unwind for 10-15 minutes. When you remove the mask, make sure to smooth any residual serum in to the skin.
  • Discard mask, and apply a few drops of Perfecting Facial Oil (RRP: $19.99) , patting into skin gently
  • Finish by sealing the hydration with Moisture Rich Night Cream (RRP: $14.99)  for smooth, plump skin.


Purifying Facial

Pampering Treatments For (Every)Body


  • Clean your nail beds with nail polish remover, removing any existing polish or a build up of oils, dirt and grime. Wash your hands with soap and water afterwards.
  • Employ your favourite emery board and perhaps adopt a new shape and get filing. Clip as needed, and buff to your heart's content
  • Lather equal parts Cocoa Butter Lotion (RRP: $7.39) & Skin Therapy Oil (RRP: $12.99)  on to feet and calves and wrap feet in a plastic bag, cling wrap or tea towels to preserve moisture. Relax, and leave applied for 15 minutes (for best results, leave as long as possible). If heading to bed, slip on some cotton socks for an overnight hydration mask with little effort.
  • Repeat to rehydrate dry, scaly hands caused by frequent hand washing or sanitizing. Slather on Cocoa Butter Hand Cream (RRP: $4.39) followed by cotton gloves. Leave on as long as possible, or slip over rubber gloves then do the dishes as the warm water will help your skin absorb the nourishing cocoa butter.
  • Wash off with warm water and pat dry before applying your favourite nail colour.
  • Voila!


Holiday Glow


Hair Rejuvenation Mask

  • Give your hair the love it deserves and use the two step Coconut Protein Hair Mask (RRP: $3.99) and wrap hair in glad wrap or pop on a plastic shower cap for an extra intensive treat before using your trusted shampoo and conditioner. For best results, sleep with it overnight and wash in the AM.


DIY Body Scrub:

  • To create your own biodegradable, mess free in-shower scrub: mix a tablespoon of sugar or salt with your Body Wash (RRP: $5.99). Different granule size will deliver different results – the larger the granule the more invigorating the scrub!

Soak It Up

Pampering Soak

  • Run a warm bath and add a few drops of Cocoa Butter Body Oil (RRP: $10.79) or Coconut Body Oil (RRP: $9.99) to the running water to enjoy a relaxing soak. Be careful getting in and out of the bath because the oil will make it a little more slippery than usual!
  • Use Coconut Oil Face Scrub (RRP: $9.99) to scrub the body (focus on elbows, knees and feet)
  • Follow with Body Wash (RRP: $5.99)  to create a silky lather for you to shave your legs.
  • As you emerge and the water drains, apply a thin layer of Cocoa Butter or Coconut Body Lotion (RRP: $7.39) all over, then towel try. You’ll be a silky smooth goddess!
  • Pro tip: Wear a face mask and watch an episode of your favourite show on Netflix.


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